Name: Flexible Ducting
Hose materials: High density polyester weave coated PVC on both side
Helix: Reinforced steel wire
Features: Highly compressible
Features: Wear strip offers external abrasion resistance
Features: Ideal duct for blower applications
Features: Retractability allows for convenient storage and easy transport in a fraction of its fully extended length
Features: Flame retardant
Features: Highly flexible
Features: Polyester fabric coated with PVC is leakage resistance
Temperature range: –20℃ to +80℃
Standard length; 10 meters
Applications: Aerospace, Air Duct Cleaning, A/C Ventilation, Blower Hose, Cold Air Supply, Confined Space Ventilatio, Fans and Blowers, Function Tent HVAC, HVAC, Laser Engraving, Mining, Utility Blowers, Ventilation, Wave Pool Blowers


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