Roof Turbines


Fan Type: Roof Turbines Ventilation

Electric Fan Design: Exhaust Fan

Special Feature: Portable, Waterproof, Water Resistant, Wind-driven, No power ventilation

Mounting Type: Flush Mount

Color: Steel or silver

Item Dimensions: 55 x 66 x 77 CM (LxWxH)

Material: Alloy Steel

Usage: Factories and warehouses in Sri Lanka


Technical Details of Roof Turbines

  • These Roof Turbines Sri Lanka are specially used for Factories such as Garments and equipment production facilities.
  • Wind Turbines are used in warehouses across Sri Lanka, Mostly available in roofs of store keeping facilites.
  • This Roof Turbine is water resistant and can with stand heavy rains with blowing winds.
  • Multiple Roof turbines fixed in roofs can ventilation your production area.
  • Available for bulk purchases as well.

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