Square Air Diffuser



Frame Material: Aluminium

Standard Color: Ral9016 / Ral9010/ Anodized

Application: Ventilation system/Shopping Mall

Characteristic: Stamping core / Full punched

Function: Exhaust Air/Return Air

Type: HVAC Systems

Size: Customized Size

Room Type: Used in Air condition Rooms



  • Ceiling diffusers direct the air from air conditioning systems into the room. The resulting airflow induces high levels of room air, thereby rapidly reducing the airflow velocity and the temperature difference between supply air and room air. Ceiling diffusers allow for large volume flow rates. The result is a mixed flow ventilation in comfort zones, with good overall room ventilation, creating only very little turbulence in the occupied zone.


● The standard nominal sizes are 150×150, 225×225, 300×300, 375×375, 450×450.

●  Square diffuser face.

●  Diffuser face and blades are made of extruded aluminum, powder-coated.

●  Removable core for better installation and maintenance.

●  For supply and extract air.

●  For all types of ceiling systems.

●  For a rapid reduction of the temperature difference and airflow velocity.

●  Diffuser available in RAL colors.

●  Opposed blades damper optional.

●  Plenum box optional.

  • Mostly used for hotels and restaurant ceilings in Sri Lanka



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